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“Singapore currently does not permit IVF patients to screen their embryos for chromosomal abnormalities such as Down’s syndrome. One speculative reason why IVF patients may not be permitted to screen their embryos is that there is a fear that patients will screen embryos to choose the gender. Patients in Singapore are, however, permitted to have an abortion for any reason. A survey was conducted to seek an understand of what the public’s view is on these issues.”


Bioethics Legal Research In Singapore

Promoting Research and Collaborative Dialogue

BELRIS (Bioethics Legal Research in Singapore), established in 2012, is a non-governmental, independent, non-profit group dedicated to promoting research and collaborative dialogue in the area of ethics and reproductive treatments and technologies in Singapore.

The group focuses on Bioethics in Singapore in the area of reproductive treatments and technologies by: pursuing interdisciplinary research; engaging a broad audience of thoughtful people in this effort through debates, open forums, surveys and newsletters; collaborating with and informing the public, policy-makers, business leaders, and professionals; and forming strategic partnerships with government entities, educational institutions, hospitals, businesses, organizations, and private individuals.

As information on Bioethics in Singapore in the area of reproductive treatments and technologies is relatively limited, BELRIS aims to be a reliable, measured and well-balanced source of information and research for all interested parties.